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Georgia Workers Compensation Claims

If you have been injured on the job, you are looking at this page because you might need help with your case. If your employer and their workers compensation insurance company is not providing the medical and lost income benefits you are OWED and DESERVE, you are about to meet the attorney you need: Rocky Babson. Rocky has over 20 years experience in Georgia workers compensation claims and will aggressively pursue your claim on your behalf. Doctor not cooperating? Need transportation to your appointments? Has surgery been recommended by your Doctor and the insurance is not approving it? Is your employer trying to prematurely force you back to work while you remain injured? CONTACT ROCKY TODAY 404-999-9242

Catastrophic Personal Injury

If an unthinkable serious injury or death has happened, you need an attorney FAST. Why? Preservation of evidence and preservation of your family's rights. Rocky has handled serious catastrophic cases for over 20 years including products liability, wrongful death and serious bodily injury including amputations. Contact Rocky if you or a loved one has suffered a horrible, tragic accident. CONTACT ROCKY TODAY 404-999-9242

Aggressive DUI Defense

Rocky has over 15 years of experience in drunk driving cases and approaches DUI defense aggressively and scientifically. Rocky’s experience can help the citizen accused prepare they DUI defense on blood test cases, breath test cases and DUI arrests that result after the citizen accused has “refused” the police officer’s request to a State administered test. Rocky has forensic science training in Gas Chromatography – the science used in blood test cases, and expertise in breath test cases when the breath of the accused Georgian was performed on a INTOX 5000 or 9000 machine. Rocky successfully uses his superior knowledge, experience, and guts to get past the DUI arrest and into the science that can ultimately lead to a successful defense. Arrested for DUI? Don't BLOW YOUR RIGHTS! CONTACT ROCKY TODAY 404-999-9242

If your case involves other legal problems or issues, we encourage you to get in touch to find out how Rocky can help. 

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